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In a highly competitive globalized world, innovative and with increasing requirements, IMOBRAS, due to its ability to offer new technologies in products, consolidates itself and stands out more and more in the electric motor market. With that, Centaurus is born… a new line of PERMANENT MAGNET DC MOTORS (PMDC), from 12V TO 230V.

In this way, it creates customized solutions that fit perfectly to the specific needs of each customer. With this strategic vision, IMOBRAS invests in its CENTAURUS Line, a true intelligent automation. Expands its industrial park that integrates the company's expansion, technology and the expertise of its team to serve multiple market segments

Some applications about the new line CENTAURUS

High Efficiency and Performance engines that serve a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Machines, Equipament for industrial Automation and material handling;
  • Professional application for food industry;
  • Medical line equipment and dental;
  • Health & Beauty;
  • Access Automation and Home Tech.

Technical Specifications


  • Avaliable voltage: 12V – 230V
  • Direction of rotation: CW/CCW
  • Ventilation system: Turbo cooler
  • Indice protection: IP20
  • 2 pole
  • isolation class F (155°C)
  • Electric isolation – Class I
  • Shielded bearings
  • Options with custom shaft
  • Specific, customized and oriented solutions for every application and customer

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